Macbook Pro Undelete – Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Macbook Pro refers to the Macintosh line of portable computers by Apple Inc. and the same contains Intel core I5 dual processor that helps perform the same at an improved speed. Macbook Pro speed ranges as high 2.53 GHZ, owing to which any application used on the same would run faster compared to all others. These macbook pro is capable of storing considerably huge volume of data within its hard drive f size ranging upto 500 GB. MacBook Pro contain 2 USB 2.0 ports, built in iSight camera, Fire Wire, Wi-Fi for wireless Bluetooth, 15 inch LCD screen with high resolution. These very device makes it all easily possible to store & access volume of data as required. But, cases of inadvertent data loss that takes place time & again arises the immediate need of Macbook Pro Undelete for retrieving items back.

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What leads to loss of Macbook Pro Data Files?

1. Accidental/permanent deletion of files and folders
2. File system corruption
3. Unmountable disk volumes
4. Accidental formatting or reinitialization of disk drive
5. Corrupt or damaged operating system structures & components

If any of these holds true in your case and your files are missing or lost for any reason whatsoever may it be you need to opt for the very advanced mac data recovery utility in order to get the files located all easily for being restored back.

This undelete app uses powerful algorithms to locate missing files, helping recover the same back. The application helps retrieve all sorts of files safely & completely. Read-only algorithm embedded in the application makes it all easily possible to get the items located now, which can then be previewed in the window before the same is rescued back. Also the application supports recovery from iPhoto, Entourage & other Mac used applications.

User Guide – How to Undelete MacBook Pro Files Using Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Once the download & installation task is complete, launch the application which will ¬†show the interface as shown in the image below –

Step 2: Select the drive or volume for recovery first

Step 3: Here, in this step specific file formats to be recovered may also be specified, ensuring quick recovery

Step 4: Clicking the scan button starts the process of scanning, as shown below

Step 5: As soon as the scanning process gets completed, list of recoverable files & folders in shown in the preview & this makes it all easy to select required files for being restored back.


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