How to Rescue Data from Dead MacBook

Has Macbook gone dead? Seeking for assistance regarding this? If so, you came at right place indeed. There is no doubt that Macbook is being increasingly used by people throughout the world. But at same time hard drive becomes non functional or bad due to mistake or certain other unknown factors whether be it is due to file system damage, volume header corruption, catalog damaged or hardware issue etc. At this moment proper course of action needs to be taken otherwise ready to face disheartening condition. In order to rescue data from dead MacBook one can use the following steps:

  • Try other fine MacBook having an administrator account.
  • Go to system preferences after clicking icon at dock.
  • Start “Startup Disk” under “System” category.
  • Select “Target Disk Mode” option then select “Restart” to confirm.
  • Then establish connection between dead MacBook with healthy one through FireWire cable. After MacBook restarts, it enter “Target Disk Mode” and appear an external hard drive.
  • Now transfer files into MacBook which is working.

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In case you failed to regain the missing data after even utilizing “Target Disk Mode”, it is advised to use third party Mac Data Recovery Software. But do not forgot using this software in that system which you have connected with dead Macbook for restoring data. This is the best and simple alternative option to recover data from dead Macbook hard drive.

Procedures to Restore Data

Step 1 : Run Mac Data Recovery Software after installing it.

recover data from dead Macbook hard drive

Step 2 : Volume to be chosen.


Step 3 : Choose file format.


Step 4 : You can preview scan result now.


Step 5 : Desired destination should be specified.

recover data from dead Macbook hard drive download mac trash recovery

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