How to Get back Deleted Files on Macbook Air

macbook air recoveryMacBook Air is quite in demand because of its light weight and thin structure without compromising on the performance. It is designed by Apple that provides that also provide several exclusive apps that make it more useful than others. It is very portable thus it is quite easy to handle. You may be storing lost of important and other data that you may require every now and then. You must be aware of the fact the MacBook Air does not use the conventional hard drive which uses the motor, platter and a head. It uses the solid state drive which is like a big memory card that saves physical space. But the working is same as you can write copy and delete files from it. Suppose you have accidentally deleted some files and even emptied the trash then you must be thinking how to get back deleted files on MacBook Air.

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The principle is same you must first prevent the deleted file from being overwritten, then there are chances that you can successfully recover files on MacBook Air. You can try to restore the files using the Time Machine Backup that automatically saves a copy of file of your preferences but if the time machine fails to provide backup then you can use you personal backup like external storage media or even the cloud backup service like iCloud. But if you are still unsuccessful then there is no other way than to use Mac trash recovery software.

It is quite a potent software that will efficiently scan the solid state drive of your Mac. After the scanning you will get the preview of the deleted file it found and that can be recovered. You can select the files of your choice and the software will restore them back in the drive. By using this software you can also recover deleted files from MacBook Pro and other Mac systems. Install the software and run it, you wont require any specific technical skills as the user interface as well as the process is quite simple. Just download the software and use it whenever data loss situation occurs because of deletion.

Mac Trash Recovery Software User Guide

Step 1 : Install the Software in your Mac system and run it.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 2 : Select the drive for scanning of deleted files.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

Step 3 : Select the file types of the files to be recovered.

Mac Trash Recovery SoftwareStep 4 : Select the scan method and then start scanning.


Step 5 : When the scan is complete you can select the required files and then provide the location where the files will be restored.

Mac Trash Recovery Software

download mac trash recovery

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