Entourage Undelete – Retrieve Deleted RGE Email Items

MS Entourage application is used for saving emails, notes, contacts & alike personal data & information. The very application is equipped with an easy to use interface & thus is all easy to be used by all. With users with more than account Entourage makes it all possible to access mails & items from one central point and this is easily made possible with its integration with POP3, SMTP, IMAP Server. The very application safely organizes the accessible items as RGE files, however the same being an application is equally liable to corruption & damages on account of one or the other reason. In event of the same happening with Entourage database, the stored items are likely to be rendered inaccessible. This is the time entourage undelete needs to be done so as to have the missing files recovered & saved back for proper access once again.

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What leads to loss of Entourage RGE Data Loss?

Some of the common reasons, behind loss of emails & other items customized in the database are as mentioned below –

  1. Application corruption & other issues with the same
  2. Virus Infection
  3. Improper use of the application, improper access & like
  4. Malfunctioning Operating system & components associated

Database corruption, which is one of the most common reason behind loss of items & more may happen on account of any of the reason described, however this is the time when all items -emails, contacts, notes & more are made inaccessible & unusable.

How to fix corrupt Microsoft Entourage Database?

To resolve entourage account problems, you would need to get the very existent issues repaired. The inbuilt tool database utility is meant 7 & used for the same. This very utility is meant for verifying RGE database corruption, following this -compacting and rebuilding entourage database as well as setting database preferences for the same is also possible. By rebuilding those damaged database, all corrupt & inaccessible items are repaired and restored back on place.

But, as you know the very process of inbuilt database repair would time & again fail to successfully accomplish the very purpose it is meant for & this calls for the immediate need to opt for alternative means to fix files & doing entourage undelete. Entourage recovery Software that is used to restore deleted/lost, corrupt/inaccessible MS Entourage database file & items easily & efficiently. The application uses skilled algorithm to fix the issues existing regardless of the very cause and helps retrieve items back for proper use thereafter.

It supports recovery from MS Entourage 2004, 2008 & works on all Mac OS X system – OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger, Panther 10.3.9 etc. It does save log report of the scan process, allowing for resuming recovery from there itself any time required for. The easy GUI interface of the application makes the task lot more easier for all. Also, you can know about Intermediate Trash Directory here.

User Guide – How to Undelete Entourage Files Using Mac Data Recovery Software

Step 1: Once the download & installation task is complete, launch the application which will  show the interface as shown in the image below –


Step 2: Select the drive or volume for recovery first


Step 3: Here, in this step specific file formats to be recovered may also be specified, ensuring quick recovery


Step 4: Clicking the scan button starts the process of scanning, as shown below


Step 5: As soon as the scanning process gets completed, list of recoverable files & folders in shown in the preview & this makes it all easy to select required files for being restored back.



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